David Judge

David has been successfully advising since 1993. He works with his staff to help individuals, families, and small businesses throughout the United States. David's educational background is in Business Administration. He has passed the following securities examinations: Series 6, 7, 63, 65 as well as life, health insurance and Variable contracts licenses.

He has obtained the Certified Wealth Strategist® designation offered by Cannon Financial Institute.

Judge Asset Management, A member of Advisory Services Network, LLC

I'd like to help you too.

As a Financial Consultant, I help my clients to manage risk in areas such as understanding and managing investment risk, loss of income in the event of disability or death, Long-term care, Corporate Strategy and Business Climate. Together, we identify and plan for life changing events. I use a wide variety of products and services including a customized approach to help you manage risk to mitigate loss before or when an event occurs.

One area of focus that sets me apart from other professionals is my ability to work with my clients' identity exposure. Active Identity Management with BehaviorSafe Distributors, LLC empowers me to help my clients manage their own behavior and other's behavior that puts their well-being at risk.

Why do I help my clients with identity exposure?

Your information is already out there. You are already exposed!

When I became aware that identity exposure, theft, and fraud impacts every area of a person's life, I naturally felt compelled to help my clients manage this risk.

In today's age our information defines us. Just think about your lifestyle. You share pieces of your information for nearly every social or business interaction. For example, have you ever completed a form, been employed, attended school, filed your taxes, gone to the doctor, bought something, used social media?

Activities such as these require the exchange of small but critical pieces of information that make up your identity. In different combinations these identifiers define who you are to people and organizations around the globe. Think of them as a set of keys that can lock or unlock the world around you.

When your information “falls into the wrong hands” a thief literally has access (your keys) to everything that you do. The thief becomes a clone of you. Believe it or not, this imposter now has your access to financial, medical, employment, business and government services. They take all of the benefits of your good name and leave you with all of the liability.

I empower my clients with Active Identity Management (AIM) by BehaviorSafe!

There are only two forces that put you at risk; your behavior and other people's behavior.

Pop culture leads us to believe that the greatest risk to our identity is a thief lurking in the shadows trying to gain access to our credit cards or financial accounts. In reality, we and other well-meaning, even well-trained people openly expose information all of the time without realizing it. Active Identity Management was designed by “ethical identity thieves” at BehaviorSafe to empower people to manage their own and other people’s behavior that puts them at risk

Active Identity Management addresses YOUR behavior. Rarely do we knowingly put ourselves in harm’s way. However, what you don’t know is leaving you exposed. Your own behavior is putting you at risk every day. Simply buying products will not protect us from identity theft and fraud. BehaviorSafe teaches people a set of principles for situational awareness. Think of it as self-defense training for identity exposure.

Active Identity Management addresses OTHER’S behavior. In this case, we define other people’s behavior as the way that other well-meaning individuals and organizations handle your identity. Once your information leaves your care you cannot control who is managing it or what they do with it. It may be impossible to stop an imposter from getting your information from other people. However, it is critical to know as early as possible where and when your identity has been compromised. BehaviorSafe offers professional services for early detection and full restoration of your identity.

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